To The Slacker of Sorts

My horoscope says I have someone I love or close to me that is a slacker of sorts, because he/she doesn’t have my confidence. And it takes just a little ‘push’ from me.

Here goes that push:
Fear of failure is what cripples us.
If you think it’s worth the risk, just go for it.
When one gets rejected, it is not a failure. You get something out of it.. a lesson, a valuable one. You don’t have to be outright bold. Just baby steps. Until you learn the rules. Until you know how to play along. Just don’t give up too soon.

We realize failures because of missed chances. We have had a lot of those in our lives already. That thing that you have long been wanting to do, just do it now.

Stand up. Breathe. And take this chance.
Every night is a chance to dream a dream.
Every morning is a chance to live it.

ImAShellCracker,  100813


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