On Neutral Ground

For some reason, I have always pictured myself as the strong one. And I have always wanted to become that. I claim to be able to crack a hard shell, to a point when it becomes a surprise to me when people hesitate to open up and pour out their souls. Maybe because my first attempt did not just make somebody feel I didn’t have biases but because it was an eye opener on what I was capable of.  Yes I keep an open mind,  I do not judge quickly and I want people to draw strength from me.

And when people think I am doing them a favor even by just listening, it’s really the other way around.
It’s my soul they guard.

Those eyes.. see the beauty around you. The grass is green, the skies are blue,  the smiles are sweet, the laughter is real.

Those hands.. let them stop from shaking.  Let nothing fear you.  I’ve got your back. I will hold you, I will not let go.

Those feet.. stand up and take a step. One at a time. Until you can walk again. You know where you want to go. To a place where nothing is make-believe.

That heart..  I wish I could keep and lock it in a safe place. It’s been beaten up a lot and you have put up your walls so high. You just peep through these walls, checking what’s outside the small world you have created for yourself, but afraid to let somebody in.

I wish I was with you right there right now, and all the time I can while I’ve still got enough strength for us.
If you can’t help yourself, at least let me try.

-ImAShellCracker, 101513


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