Will You Take Heed?

I was crazy in love at one point too. Maybe more.

I was always forewarned by people who cared the most, who cared for real.

The people who watched my every move,  the people who breathed down my neck.. they unleashed the rebel in me. And I continuously drowned myself in an ocean of make-believe. I was a fool like that.

I knew I was going to get burned by touching the fire, yet I touched it anyway. Just so I could feel it for myself, just so I had myself to blame but not regret that I did. My mind was twisted like that.

I was blind to the truth because the truth was not how i understood what love was. The truth did not matter. And to say that I was having the time of my life was an understatement. I was in love like that.

But that was me.
I thought I knew myself well.
I thought that I could handle stupidity and all the things that went with it.

It’s different when you see it happening to someone close to you.. someone you deeply care about.. someone who has always been fragile in your eyes.

True to the adage ‘been there, done that.’, I have been there where you are now and I have done more than everything you have done so far.

But how do I warn?

-ImAShellCracker, 101913


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