My world was black and white and then you came.
You had a certain hue around you and I was weak not to notice.
You were the color in a mix of light and dark.

You were the gold that filled my mornings with sunshine that kissed my eyes.
You were the amber that made my dusk peaceful with the light that I sought.
With every day that passed you were the cyan air that I breathed and my heart spoke of you with passion like the scarlet stain on a clean white sheet.

You were as big as my world that was a replica of the world everyone else had come to know.
Things were fleeting; feelings were surreal; the shade kept changing– from orange to sienna to tan.

I tried to catch every wind of memory but I couldn’t grasp with such small hands.
I chased as it moved and vanished quickly on thin air.

I thought I have known you all my life but not in the real world.
I remember your face but I don’t know you.
I keep looking for you but you get drowned in the crowd.
Hard to figure out for you blend in well with the rest.
I close my eyes and wake up everyday and I see no color now.

-ImAShellCracker, 121613


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