Who’s Your Mirror?

That face, you know it’s gonna wrinkle over time.
That body, you know it will sag eventually.
That mouth, you know you will stutter soon.
That mind, you know you may tend to retain just a small portion of your memories.

Beauty will fade, that’s for sure.
And all these things that we do to enhance the beauty that we claim will go to waste.

But not when you wrinkled because you laughed so hard in your life.
Not when you sagged because you went out of your way to help others.
Not when you stuttered in attempts to speak words of kindness and wisdom.
Not when you forgot all these things but you left a mark on those people you came across with, and a mark they won’t forget.
When you did all that you could to make it better for others while all your senses were still in their normal state.

Take care of your looks and heart and that spells real beauty.
And let these people you meet in your life reflect it.

-ImAShellCracker, 102013


Whatever Floats Your Boat

If you wanna wear makeup, cool.
If you wanna go plain, cool.
If you wanna grow your hair long, cool.
If you wanna shave it off, cool.
If you wanna wear 1 earring, cool.
If you wanna wear 3 or more, cool.
If you wanna get tatted all over, cool.
If you wanna get just your brows tatted, cool.
If you wanna eat like a pig, cool.
If you wanna eat like a bird, cool.
If you wanna sleep early, cool.
If you don’t wanna sleep at all, cool.

I had a guy tell me ‘Thanks for doing this for me.’

And I said, ‘Oh. But I’m doing this for me.’

Don’t try to impress anyone. That would be an insult to yourself.
Do as you please.
Fakes have 1-minute fame.
We all just have to keep it real.

-ImAShellCracker, 101113