Borrowed Time

While everyone is busy entertaining visitors,  or catching up with each other, or passing around biscuits and coffee, I sit in the corner of this funeral parlor enjoying some alone time. And questions about life and death start to pour like the rain that is outside this glass window.

Another day had passed, another day had come. What have you done in a day?

Have you reached out to someone who is in need?
Have you comforted someone in pain?
Have you smiled at life’s surprises?
Have you hugged someone who feels down?
Have you told someone you love him or her?
Have you said sorry to the one you hurt?
Have you thanked someone who makes life easy for you?
Have you done your part in letting people know Someone actually cares?
Are there goals unreached?
Are there words unspoken?
Are there wheels unturned?
Is there unfinished business?

So while this life is just borrowed, how about we make it worthwhile.
Time is the only thing we have now.
Time is the only thing we’ll lose soon.

-ImAShellCracker, 101213