Carry On, Jon

There was a time when I felt it was hard when you have a sibling who is just a year younger.
Family.. friends.. neighbors.. acquaintances.. strangers.. they all played favorites.

And the spotlight was on me.

Only because the whole family thought I was lovelier to dress up.
Only because the whole family thought I was cuter.
Only because the whole family thought I was smarter.
Only because the whole family thought I could dance to a tune.
Only because the whole family thought the fair-skinned were the more beautiful ones.

Growing up, I had the best things, I went to the best school and I had all the attention.
While you made do with what was offered and given to you. There were no hesitations. There were no complaints. You kept all emotions bottled up inside.

I realized I never wanted the spotlight.
Consciously or unconsciously,  I kept everything at lowkey.
I flunked my subjects left and right every trimester, while you earned your degree on time.
I had several trial and error relationships, while our whole family knew of only one girl whom you eventually married.
I was the irresponsible elder sister while you were the mature brother who stood as the man of the house while dad was away.

I wanted to take the back seat.  You wanted to shine.  We both got what we wanted. It was great teamwork back there I should say.

While others might have done it differently than you did, you knew how to make something of the negative and transformed yourself into the amazing man that you are now.  And though I may not say it often, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

Cheers to another year brother.

-ImAShellCracker,  102513