Because It’s Your Birthday, Wench

It was a new environment and new acquaintances. The year was 1992.
Not anyone from my league thought I would hit it off with you. 
You misjudged me once when you said I gave you the half smile.
I hope getting to know the real me didn’t take you a while.

We were totally the opposite. I was more jolly, you were more uptight.
But most of the time I was wrong; most of the time you were right.
While I kept getting lost, when my whole life went astray,
You never gave up on me all these years, always showed me the way.

You are so simple, but in your own way you’re really complex.
When things don’t sit well with you, I easily notice a reflex.
You don’t pretend to be anyone else, but damn you are so meticulous.
You are classy, you don’t settle. You care not to gain, you’d rather lose.

You have a discriminating taste, and oh my I passed your test.
How more proud could I be? I’m not just good.  I’m your best. 🙂

I love you to bits wench.
Cheers to another year.

-ImAShellCracker,  122113