Those Little Things

Happiness is smaller than you think.
It is not in the grandest of things.

It is not having the luxuries in life. Or getting on top of the corporate ladder. Or bagging a coveted title. Or achieving the perfect hourglass figure. Or even having for yourself the most beautiful human alive.

It is in your first morning thought that makes you get through the day.

It is in a sweet smile an old lady still manages to flash that causes creases to her face.

It is in a warm greeting of a stranger when you’re down to thinking nobody cares.

It is in an unguarded moment of a child who worries nothing about the world he moves in.

It is in the little grip of a baby with his whole hand to that one finger of yours.

It is in a tight hug of a mother who understands what you go through with just a glimpse.

It is in a hearty laugh shared with a friend about nonsense, and still feel a moment well spent.

It is in silence where one finds comfort, when everything else has been spoken.

It is in every breath that spells LIFE, instead of existence.

And my list just goes on.

Someone used to tell me ‘nothing is trivial.’
He was right. It is true.
Be mindful. Discover the little things.

-ImAShellCracker, 101013