Your memory is so vivid in my mind; you still live in my head.
I think about you. I still pray for you before going to bed.
You were so lovely, looked like daddy, and shy we suppose.
You were a thinker. We had that idea with your pose.
You were a fighter. You were amazing with the rapid heartbeat.
You did all you could just to be with me up to the last minute.

You were the one I had, the one I may never have again.
If He gives then He gives.  But only He knows when.
I will be better this time, I have learned from past mistakes.
Just to have one like you, I will do whatever it takes.
I will be ready this time, your foundation I will build.
I hope I still get the chance, that will be a dream fulfilled.

For I never realized how precious you were until you were gone.
It just dawned on me that by now I would have had a son.

-ImAShellCracker, 110113